5 Tips For Fitting In Exercise Around Work

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We are all busy these days, but what is your reason for not exercising – a lack of time or motivation? The point is regardless of your schedule, you have to make time and want to exercise if it is going to happen at all.

If you have the desire, but your schedule is such that you really do have a hard time finding time to exercise, commit to doing what you, when you can. These 5 tips should help you get started…

Tip #1 – On your day(s) off

Some working professionals find it easier to get in longer workouts on their non-work days. They don’t have to get ready for work, endure the commute both ways or try to struggle through a workout when they are already dog-tired from working. During their workweek, they can usually slip in some quick 10-minute workouts and still take one day off to rest and repair their body.

Tip #2 – On the way to and from work

Any exercise that you get is better than nothing. Some people get their exercise on the way to the office and again on the way back home. For example, if you drive to work, park at the far end of the parking lot and walk in the rest of the way. Do the reverse at night – walk back to your car.

If you use a public form of transportation, get off a stop or two from where you would normally get off. Walk the rest of the way to work; at the end of the day, walk back to the stop where you got off.

Tip #3 – During your lunch break

Most people don’t need all of their lunch break time to eat. Before eating is a great time to get out of the office and go for a walk. Just allow yourself enough time to get back and eat. If you have a fitness center on-site or close by, go there and get in a quick workout; allow time to cool down, shower and eat before returning to work.

Tip #4 – Before or after work

Some people can’t break away during their lunch time, so it is better for them to exercise before leaving for work and again once back home. For cardio training, it can be as simple as doing some exercises that don’t require any or very little equipment. For strength training, add in a couple of days per week that center around using dumbbells or resistance bands.

Tip # 5 – Taking the stairs

Climbing stairs is great cardio exercise. Once in your office building, take the stairs up instead of the elevator. Granted you are not going to walk up 50 or 60 flights, but you can climb for a few flights and then take the elevator the rest of the way.

Another good opportunity to get in some exercise is if your cafeteria is a few flights up or down from your office. Walk there and back instead of taking the elevator. Be sure to eat a healthy lunch.

If you are truly motivated to exercise, you will find ways to fit it into your busy schedule.

*** Perhaps you are curious about the image at the beginning of this article – why a picture of someone washing a car?

I was feeling quite stiff and inflexible for some time, when the extra time demanded by my job left me tired and unwilling to workout. I included washing the car by myself three times a week instead of once a week into my morning schedule. Washing the car actually makes you use a lot of your muscles and stretches you all over, and by the time the work is over you feel quite loosened and awake!


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