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Why You Must Keeping Coming to this Blog

To begin with, let me state this upfront. I am not a certified trainer or coach for fitness, nor a bodybuilder.

My interest in fitness and anti-aging was triggered by a health related event some three years ago. At that time I was stretching every day, spending 20 minutes a day on a treadmill three days a week, and walking up five floors both to my office and residence at least twice every day.

I considered myself fit because I could do these things without experiencing any discomfort.

After the incident, I decided to learn more about staying healthy and fit, and came across many specialised websites and blogs. I found that for the ordinary person with an interest in staying fit, building muscle, staying flexible, without being a fanatic about it, there was no websites with easy-to-understand and comprehensive information, and hence this blog.

We intend to bring at one place, that is this blog, not just all the latest but also the “old” and popular methods for working out, to help you choose a plan for fitness.
WE realise that “fitness” means different things to different people. It can mean building muscle, increasing strength, losing weight, functional fitness (being able to engage in everyday tasks without the aches and pains), general physical health.

We have sorted the information under different categories to help you zoom in to your area of interest, to help you find topics most relevant to your search, however there is some overlap in the sense that some articles may be relevant to more than one category.

We have also included infomation about more than one type of “fitness training/workout”.
Choose one and stick to it, you will see results.

The blog is a work in progress, because as and when new information becomes available we add it here.So please keep visiting to stay updated.

Satish Panikkar