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Fitness Model recommends BodyWeight Workout. carries an interesting and informative article by Shannon Clark based on her interaction with fitness model Jen Jewell.

“Don’t have time to hit the gym, or want to change up your training? Follow fitness model Jen Jewell’s tips for better bodyweight training sessions, and try her favorite workouts!

Think being a fitness model means you have to spend hours in the gym lifting heavy weight every day? Think again! Model and fitness pro Jen Jewell proves it’s perfectly possible to get in a great workout without any weight at all.

“These days, I’m constantly traveling,” says Jewell. “Sometimes, I’m faced with the dilemma of not having regular gym access, but that does not mean I give myself permission to skip a workout!” So, Jewell gets creative and finds a way to bring the workout to her, wherever she happens to be!”

She uses bodyweight workouts, and here are her suggestions:

1. Keep it intense.Keep your heart rate high, and demand effort from your body. Use resistance bands, which are easy to carry everywhere, to add to the effort.

2. Depending on the exercises you choose, aim to complete as many reps or rounds as possible in one minute. Compete against a partner, or against yourself.

3. Bodyweight workouts are a great way to train various muscles that you may not be targeting with your regular gym routine.

4. Jewell’s list of favourite body weight routines:

Spider Man push-up
Mountain climber
Lateral bound
Frog leap
Glute bridge
Hanging knee raise
Reverse crunch
Jumping rope

All these exercises need not be included in one workout, but alternate between them so each of your bodyweight workouts are different and effective but don’t bore you.

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