Muscles on Men That Make Women Drool?

Men and women think very differently about a lot of things – but both sexes can appreciate a fit body. The problem there is that men don’t really understand what women want in terms of muscles on a man – or which muscles even matter.

A chiseled body is attractive – and you should work on an all-over toning regimen so that you’re not left with one area that’s built right and the rest of your body in a flimsy shape.

Every woman will give you a different answer as to what her favorite part of the male body is. Some will be attracted to a set of six pack abs, while others have eyes that head straight for the butt.

You want to make sure you have a great physique so that your body is attractive to all of the women you want to meet – and so that you exude confidence when you’re out at the pool or elsewhere she might see your muscles.

The Sexy, Kissable Six Pack

There’s no denying the fact that women love a flat, carved out stomach on a guy. Whether she sees it on the beach or in a more intimate setting, she will love seeing a zero-flab tummy with a set of stacked abs.

This part of a man can be even more amplified for sexiness if he works on the specific V-Cut. This is the lower ab area that literally looks like a V right above the groin.

When a man is wearing swim trunks that are low, you can see the chiseled feature and it shows there’s not an ounce of fat on his body (not the bad kind, anyway).

Some guys focus so much on chest and back muscles (or legs) that they leave their stomach all flabby. Even if you’re not carrying a stomach that makes you look like you have a bun in the oven, if it’s just a soft flat stomach, that’s not as sexy as carved abs are.

To achieve this look, you have to have a good combination of diet and exercise. You can exercise all you want, but if you eat nothing but junk food, you’ll find it hard to keep fat from piling up on your stomach.

When you start working on carving out this area of your stomach, you’ll notice that the V-Cut is hardest to achieve. You’ll get the six pack of abs before the V-cut makes an appearance – and if you start slacking at the gym or on your diet, it’ll disappear quickly.

Work on improving your diet to eliminate the fat stores on your body, but also go ahead and begin tightening your abs so that as soon as the fat melts off, women will be able to see the six pack forming.

While we’re on the subject, nothing goes better with a six pack of abs than a shaved chest and stomach. A six pack covered in hair is just a complete turn off for women.

Say Hello to Your Strong, Sexy Shoulders

They’re not something more women consciously realize they’re attracted to, but when you compare pictures of the men women feel are hot to those they feel are weak and unattractive, shoulders are undeniably on the list of must-have muscles.

Now before you go trying to turn into The Hulk, stop and realized that tones and chiseled does not mean bulky and boulder-like. Women want someone who has strength and fitness, but he doesn’t have to be able to lift a car.

Shoulder muscles make women instantly think about all of those movie scenes where men come in the room, sweep them off their feet and carry them into the bedroom.

A guy with weak shoulder muscles can’t do that. He’d have to point her to the room and follow along behind. It’s just not the same. You want to work on strengthening your shoulders without amassing too much size so that it makes it look like you’ve lost your neck in all those muscles.

Women see strong shoulders as a sign of security. They’ll love it when you wrap your big, strong arms around them and hold them – so you want to show that off and let them know you’re a source of support and comfort.

When she looks at you and sees strong shoulders, she’s instantly picturing herself laying her head on your shoulder at night – and she doesn’t want bony or a cushion of fat covering that up.

How do you achieve sexy shoulders? You want them a little wide, which really works great when you have a slim waist (like an upside-down pyramid). You can do specific shoulder exercises using your body weight or machines at the gym, but again, you need to pair this with a lean diet.

One other way that working on your shoulders attracts women is because strong shoulders help you have a better posture. A better posture, walking upright instead of slouching, makes her believe you’re more confident – and confidence is very attractive to all women.

The Right Kind of Big Chest to Have

Guys often love it when a girl has a nice, big chest. But when it comes to what women want in a man, a big chest better not mean man boobs! Hairy, flabby chests aren’t something that makes women drool – so you have to slim down, tone up and carve out the right muscles.

During sexual encounters, if a woman is on top, this is the part of your body that she’s seeing and touching, so you want to work on this carefully. Use tanning lotion and shave your chest for stronger appeal.

You don’t want to bulk up so much that you’re nothing but chest. Women like toned muscles, a little bit of bulk, but not so many muscles that you look like a massive boulder standing in front of them.

Use dumbbells and body weight (like dips and push ups) to help chisel out your chest and beef it up a little. Work on building up your pectoral muscles, and that, combined with your shoulder and ab routine, should give you a great upper body appeal.

Make Her Love to Watch You Walk Away

You don’t want to be carved only on one side. You want to look as good going as you do coming, so you need to address the backside of your upper body. Back muscles also help with your posture and confidence generation.

It helps form the upside-down triangle look, and if you’re on the skinny side, working on your back muscles can help you look bigger than you actually are in the chest area.

You want to work on all of your back muscles – for different reasons. Your workout strategy on the latissimus dorsi is going to be the muscle that leaks into the sides of the upper body – making you appear bigger and stronger.

Don’t ignore the deltoids and trapezius – those help you bulk up a bit, but don’t go too far so that you lose your entire neck to a large, hulking back. Don’t forget your lower back muscles, either. The obliques and rectus abdominus will help you stand taller and straighter, emitting a sense of confidence and appeal to the women you’re around.

Develop Sexy Arms That Can Wrap Around Her

Your biceps and forearms are two drool-worthy parts of your body that you’re going to want to work on. You work with your arms, and women love to see the carved muscle flexing as you lift items, work, etc.

For some women, the biceps and forearms are the top part of a man’s body. They imagine them hold them in an embrace and being able to handle hard work that needs to be done.

Don’t just work on one or the other, though. Strengthen both of them, instead. Make sure they’re tanned, too – and always have clean hands, even if the work you do makes them rough. Don’t go out with dirty fingernails because it will ruin all of the work you put into building attractive arm muscles.

Show off your arms by not always covering them up with long sleeves. You can layer your clothes if it’s cold, and then wear short sleeves to show them off. There’s no need to beef up like an over-filled balloon – just pump them up enough so they appear well maintained.

If your arms are tiny, then you may need to work on building body mass to get them built up a little. You can’t spot train your arms and expect them to grow in size – you have to work your back and add mass for them to fill out nicely.

Make sure you’re not overworking your biceps and forearms (through other exercise routines you’re doing) because then it eliminates any rest for those muscles, and they won’t have a chance to grow.

Make Sure You Have a Better Butt Than the Other Guys

There are many guys who say they’re into how a woman’s butt looks – and many women who feel the same about the men they’re checking out. You don’t want to have a bad butt.

One that’s saggy or flat can be a big turn off to a woman – even if the rest of your body is nice and toned for her. Sometimes, you can get some help with your butt appeal from your clothes – primarily to camouflage it.

But in some clothes, and especially when you’re not wearing any clothes, you need to rely on your muscles to make it look appealing. Ladies love for a man to have a nice butt when he’s wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans.

Levi jeans are perfect for men who want to attract a woman who appreciates a well-rounded, tight butt. But you have to do your part and get into the gym and work on it, too.

You want to use a combination of squats, lunges, pelvic lifts and other exercises to help firm and increase the size of your buttocks. And if you happen to know you have a hairy bum, make sure you remedy that before an intimate situation arises.

Ladies Love a Man With Strong Legs

Some guys go to the gym and create a great upper body – or they focus only on legs and end up having bulky tree trunks that turn a woman off. You want to have a middle of the road approach.

If your legs are fat and flabby, then you need to burn off the fat and firm them up. If they’re looking like chicken legs, then you need to amass some bulk on your body so that it will flesh them out a bit.

Many women don’t care about legs as long as they’re normal and average. You don’t have to have chiseled, perfectly structured leg muscles. But if they go to one extreme to the other (fat or skinny), then that’s where you’ll run into trouble.

She wants to look at you and see an overall snapshot of good physical health and fitness. Your calves and hamstrings and quads should all be toned nicely and look like they have a bit of muscle for support and strength.

Your calves and thighs should be tanned and you don’t have to shave your legs. In fact, shaving your legs (if you’re a runner or swimmer, for instance) can be a turn off to some women who think it makes you look too feminine.

Some women like to see men’s calves and dislike seeing men wear short shorts – even if his calves are good. Look for whatever is in style and go with that kind of apparel.

Work on your calves by doing calf raises, but also do lunges, curls and dead lifts and leg presses to help give your lower body an all over workout that strengthens and tones your legs.

Make a Plan for Muscle Building and Work It

Eve if you know a specific woman who likes a certain part of the body and you’re trying to look attractive to her, spot training usually doesn’t work too well. Your best bet is to formulate an all-over workout routine that helps you do three things:

· Burn fat
· Build muscle mass
· Strengthen your body

Eliminate hair from your back, buttocks and chest – you can leave the rest, and use a safe option to help you achieve a tan body so that your newly carved muscles don’t look pasty white.

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