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Trying to achieve fitness on your own can leave you feeling healthier and gaining a lean, sculpted body. But numerous studies have shown that people who exercise alone have a higher chance of giving up at some point.

That’s why it’s beneficial to be part of group fitness workouts. When you’re part of group fitness, you have a stronger motivation. A time and a place that everyone is expecting you to show up.

Not only that, but you gain support during your journey. There’s a sense of community and social interaction. Plus, you’ll often find others who have more expertise and can help guide you.

There’s more structure and diversity among group workouts. You can challenge yourself – and on top of it all, it’s a fun way to get fit. There are different kinds of group workouts that you can take part in.


Yoga is one of the group fitness workouts that can give you plenty of benefits. Even if you’re new to yoga, you’ll find that you enjoy gathering with others to practice this form of fitness.

In many of the groups, the routine is accompanied by upbeat music that helps you keep energized and motivated. What you’ll gain from yoga fitness is all over body strength. Plus, you’ll gain a better sense of inner balance and feel vitalized.

If you think that yoga is a gentle way of achieving fitness goals, you’d be wrong. With the fitness group, you’ll be working out and working up a sweat. And you can start yoga fitness wherever you currently are.

The moves can be done by the young or the elderly – by those currently in shape or those who haven’t exercised in years. You’ll learn how to get fit, while at the same time gain instruction on how you can lower your stress levels.

There are a multitude of different routines that you can learn. Because of this, you’ll find that yoga is never dull and there will always be something challenging to learn.


If you’re looking for a great way to get fit and stay motivated, taking part in group cycling is a good way to go. These workouts can vary in difficulty and length of time. You can find sessions that will start you at whatever level that you’re at.

The classes are usually held in a large room with the stationary bikes side by side. An instructor usually sits on the bike in the front of the room. These workouts aren’t just one long ride with varying positions.

The bikes are capable of changing the amount of resistance you’ll have with the workout. The instructor helps people go through the workout as you go through each step.

He or she will watch over the group and call out tips, encouragement and position changes. Each instructor will use a different method of conducting the class. While fast music plays in the background to help keep you pumped up, you’ll start with a warm up, then go into various stages such as a sprint or a climb. Cycling can be a great fitness community to belong to.


High Intensity Interval Training offers your body a multitude of challenges. When you use this type of workout, you’re pushing yourself against yourself. Your goal is to be better and faster than you were during your previous intervals.

But if you use HIIT as part of a group fitness workout, you can push yourself and find more gains than you normally would achieve. That’s because the group atmosphere offers you so much more.

You can find small or large group, men or women only or co-ed ones. You’ll do some of the same things that you would do if you were on your own. For example, you’ll still find sessions of running in place, doing side lunges and lifting weights.

Group HIIT sessions will give you different formats led by an instructor. You’ll be challenging yourself against others on rings, with box steps, and in pushups. Some of the groups offer boxing as part of the HIIT format.

A great benefit to this kind of group exercise is that you can gain partner resistance to use with some of the exercises.


One of the biggest complaints that people make about working out is that it’s boring. And doing the same thing day in day out, can in fact, be boring. If you’ve had that struggle, then you might want to check out Zumba group fitness workouts.

That’s because Zumba is fun. It might feel like dancing, but you’re really exercising. You get a workout that not only gives you cardiovascular benefits but helps to give you better flexibility and coordination.

The moves are done in tune to Latin music that you can’t help but want to work out to. This combination is effective, because while the moves are fluid and easy, it is a form of aerobic exercise.

You’ll find that there are a variety of different dances involved with Zumba so that it never gets dull. There’s a lot of high energy with Zumba fitness workouts and you’ll gain a great sense of camaraderie.

It’s not unusual to see participants laughing as they move across the floor. Another good thing about Zumba is that because the movements are so fluid, the different steps are easy to follow.

The moves are easier on the body than something like a HIIT workout, so Zumba is a great choice for someone who may have experience with some mobility issues and for the elderly.


Pilates has been around since the 20s and has some basic principles – among them which are concentration, centering, breathing and control. This exercise is like yoga and is focused on building strength and endurance.

You won’t find high intensity pilates sessions. Though it is a great form of exercise, it’s a more gentle way to get fit. It can be used by men or women and there are plenty of good reasons that you might want to choose Pilates as your group workout.

First, you get a big choice in the different types of Pilates sessions that you can do. There are pilates groups that focus on core strengthening. This not only helps you raise your stamina level, but it also can help you develop a great set of abdominal muscles.

There are also groups that focus on people who are middle-aged. These pilates groups help teach how to gain better balance and posture along with getting fit. You can find pilates groups for mothers-to-be, for teens and ones that are gender specific so they help focus on particular aspects of development – such as with men, you could find a group that focuses on overall strength.

Aqua Aerobics

Just as it sounds, aqua aerobics is exercise that’s done in water. You can do it either in shallow water or in high water, depending on the group that you’re part of. What makes this type of exercise one that’s extremely helpful for developing strength and muscles is that the water offers the participants resistance.

You get a similar resistance like you would if you were doing bodyweight training. But with the water, the buoyancy of the water can take the force of the impact. That means that your muscles and joints won’t get the same force that they would get if you were working out on a hard surface.

Some of these groups will use buoyancy belts to help you stay afloat. The amount of benefits that aqua aerobics offers is plentiful, not only will you be able to build muscle that’s toned, but you’ll gain core strength as well.

There’s also a lot of variety that can be found with working out with aqua aerobics groups. You can take cardio sessions, ones that focus on burning fat and ones that focus on improving posture and flexibility.

Working out in water can be intense enough to give people who are already fit a great workout but it also offers the support though the buoyancy that makes it a great choice of exercise for pregnant women. The group sessions should be conducted by a certified water fitness instructor.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing isn’t just about some great looking dance moves. It’s a form of exercise that’s perfect for working out your entire body. And it’s fun to do – especially when you use it as part of a group fitness workout.

You can wear regular exercise clothes or you can wear the traditional belly dancing costumes complete with the gold coin tassels. It’s good for you because your entire body gets a workout.

From the time that you begin the warm up, your muscles are put through the paces. You’ll be sculpting and toning each part of your body so all the muscle groups get a workout.

From your hips to your arms to your abs, you’ll get fit and tone. Because of the moves with belly dancing, you’ll gain better posture because your back muscles will be strengthened.

You’ll also lose weight and lower your stress level. It’s a low impact workout. The way that you use your hips during belly dancing makes this a great exercise workout to get the flat stomach that you want.

This is one of the best ways to exercise the abdominals. Even though belly dancing isn’t a high intensity exercise, you’ll end up getting a cardio workout because you’ll keep your heart rate up as you go through the routine.

Weight Loss Bootcamps

Weight loss bootcamps are for people who want to lose weight and get fit. But if you think that you have to hike into the woods or go stay at a retreat to get to a weight loss bootcamp, then you’re mistaken.

There are weight loss bootcamps that are offered as part of group fitness workouts. You can find these high intensity workout groups offered by classes, at gyms and even at some recreation centers.

Each of the bootcamp groups will focus on certain aspects of losing weight. For example, one group could focus on cardio and high intensity intervals, but it will be done like you’re at boot camp.

These sessions feature a variety of exercises, but the overall workout is usually at least an hour. You would start with a warm up and then go directly into the cardio portion. The entire time that you’re moving, you’ll have an instructor pushing you, calling out instructions and correcting any form issues.

The cardio portion of the bootcamp usually lasts the longest of the workout. These are usually about 35 minutes long. These intervals will be broken down into separate portions such as the cardio block jump or knee lunges. You may end up alternating pushups in between running.

The next part of a bootcamp fitness workout will call for teams to take part in moving around the room and doing a short series of intense moves. The bootcamp sessions end with a cool down stretch.

Core Workouts

Core workouts are workouts that can give you a faster, stronger body performance. When done as part of a group, they can be used to create a challenge both to you as an individual and as a group.

You’ll have an instructor who can work with the group as a whole but who also provides one on one training during the class. Music is often part of the workout and so is variety. By giving your body different moves and different levels of intensity for these moves, you’ll avoid hitting the dreaded plateau.

There’s also exercise equipment used as part of the workout. You’ll be using things like dumbbells, ropes, punching bags and more. The workouts are designed to give each participant cardio and toning as well as core strengthening.

In many cases, sculpting the body is also part of group core workouts. You’ll gain a fitter body, motivation and others that can help to motivate you to be the best that you can be.

Strength Training Groups

Strength training group workouts can give your body something that many classes can’t. What this type of exercise does is build muscle, but at the same time, it also gives all of your muscle groups a workout.

That’s important in whatever group fitness program that you choose. One of the best things about choosing a fitness workout is that you’ll get some one on one time with an instructor.

This is someone who knows how to help you get your body in the best shape. By taking part in a group fitness workout, not only do you gain a great network of people who can motivate you, but you gain access to the knowledge of the instructor.

It’s almost like having a personal trainer, but without the high cost. This kind of exercise uses intervals with different equipment. You’ll do a variety of reps for each session of exercise.

For example, you might do three different exercises that you rotate through in a short amount of time – such as 10 reps using a kettlebell before switching to a resistance band.

You’ll get cardio as well as bodyweight training exercises to help you tone your muscles, lose weight and improve your performance endurance.

Group fitness programs aren’t for everybody. But if you feel like you have to already be in shape or trained to perfection, you’re wrong. In fact, many newcomers to fitness enjoy the camaraderie and support they get from a group fitness program and it helps them push through to achieve their ultimate goals.


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